Thursday, November 16, 2017

Leadership and Communications in Business Intelligence

Welcome back to the Business Intelligence update, just when you think it is safe to launch a new project, leadership and communications becomes an issue. Let’s take a look at leadership, a great business leader must prepare to meet the challenge with an idea that is worth sharing. The leader must look inward to discover personal values which must be associated with a personal philosophy to align with the team. Once the values are aligned, the leader’s true voice will guide the way by setting an example with a shared vision which fosters pride for the company. In other words, the team must have a reason to care for the new project that is being presented.

Excitement must fuel the imagination of the team as the leader describes the adventure with passion. Of course the leader is not working in a vacuum, all of the members of the team are persuaded to look inward, and are given the opportunity to find a way to make the vision better by challenging the process. Moreover, the team must be enabled to act through collaboration which builds trust, and strengthens competence. Of course, the idea is to build a team for the sake of accountability. With encouragement from the heart, the idea will be appreciated and the team will stride for excellence in the spirit of community. Nevertheless, the leader must recognize the contributions of the team, and encourage higher levels of performance throughout the project.

So, what makes the leader’s vision clear? Communication; speaking, listening, writing, and reading effectively. The leader’s Communications skills must be highly developed to express an idea and promote innovation. It sounds very simple, however the leader must understand the audience. It is necessary to plan a message, make it clear, well crafted, the channel must be correct, knowing the best way to send a message, and learning from feedback are required when delivering an idea for maximum intent.

In conclusion, the winning Business Intelligence leader must effectively communicate an idea with the tools of persuasion, for the purpose of building strong relationships, fueled by passion.  Until next time!

Thanks for viewing, Ed Mac Audio, 436 Media Inc. Tech Writer

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