Sunday, June 18, 2017


Strategic Growth Analysis test the CEO's ability to explore possibilities and visualize the direction of trends. In the fast pace entertainment market, the aggressive explorer must have an internal vision which can be externalized as action. The visualization shows the battle between, EDM Streaming, and EDM Music Live. The question, is streaming EDM Music just as popular as EDM live performances? After close evaluation, it can be determined that EDM streaming has a powerful influence on the fan, this trend has triggered aggressive investments in the music streaming advertising market. The global effects of EDM streaming has triggered massive concerts entertaining millions of fans. Imagine an EDM concert in India.

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Studies have confirmed, a company cannot operate without talented staff members. In the entertainment industry, talent is needed at all levels. Before an enterprise moves off shore, the environment must be analyzed for talent acquisition. For example, DJ performers are highly skilled, the visualization depicts the popularity of a DJ performer based on a live performance score, and an air play performance score. Using R variance, when the popularity score drops below 20, the DJ is starting to loose the audience, it is time to develop new talent. Although the DJ performer is admired by the company, the business strategy is in place to keep the ROI performing to pay the bills.

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Saturday, June 17, 2017


CEOs make decisions every day, in the live entertainment industry, equipment is a major factor. For instance, the visualization below shows how ANOVA regression is used to determine the best time to replace DJ performance equipment. Using ANOVA Regression as a guide, when the performance hours reach the upper 95% range it is time to replace equipment before failure. The CEO in charge  of a large international entertainment company, is responsible for allocating funds to be used for equipment lease, or purchase. With respect, the Regression ANOVA test can provides an argument for how the funds are best allocated. Of course, the fan experience is the most important factor, the sound should never go out before the show ends.

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All enterprises share a common problem, the financial statement. Of course, the expected rate of return should be robust on an achieving investment. The visualization represents two investments covering a five year period. The IRR is 15%, however the analysis shows that it is possible to enjoy a profit of 51.78% and 71.01% respectively. With India's entertainment market on the rise, it is time to take a closer look at the possibilities for long term success.

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A key consideration before investing, determine what to charge for services. The visualization is representing invoicing which covers 2 months of entertainment services proposed by vendors in India. The total, $128,300 for two months of entertainment support services which include : IT consulting, Marketing fees, Promotion Fees, Security, Stage help, Stage management, Office rental, Air Fare, Hotel fees, Ticketing, Artist management, Drivers, and Venue electricity. When looking at the cost projected over a four year period, it becomes clear that the services must be integrated into merger allowing revenue to be shared as the ROI increases. 

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In order to properly enumerate the best decision for investing in an of shore industry, it is important to assess a risk analysis for the industry of choice. For this problem, the Beta test was chosen as the tool for the targeted analysis. The visualization shows the target Beta and the expected value, armed with this profile, the decision to invest is positive. Taking a closer look, five cities out of the  eight, in India, have an average return higher than 4 percent representing a total around twenty four percent. However, the risk involved is based on the overall market, if the market drops, the Beta will decrease to a negative 13. Needless to say, in the entertainment industry, "the show must go on". The recommendation, invest in the Indian Entertainment Market.

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