Wednesday, November 16, 2016


The purpose of this blog is to explore game engineering from the inside out. It is worth pointing out that gamer, game engineers, and casual players can benefit from the experiences of a friendly developer who might just be entertaining.

Recently I released version 1 of Ghost Game through 436 Media Inc. This was my first attempt at designing a 2D Mobile Game. The process started out in June 0f 2016. I found it necessary to research and study C++, Swift, Java, and HTML in order to start the project. After downloading XCode, Unity, Unreal, and Android Studio I realized that I would need a brief conversation with Einstein before embarking on the mission.

At first it was strange to jump back and forth between platforms, but I had to figure out the code. After a crash course in Discrete Math my improvements started to show 60 days later. It was at this time my mind needed to access some book reference from the library which included 10 text books on coding for mobile games.

In order to update my knowledge I turned to online APIs, C, Udacity, Git Hub, YouTube, Full Sail, and Code Academy. The coding mystery started clearing by September 2016. Classes, Methods, Strings, Ints, and Variables became part of my new language. I was communicating with AI. Clearly after 80 hours of study the assets files, raw files, the App folder, the Java folder, and the platform interface became comfortable to work with.
After 4 system failures, 24 updates and 112 coding exercises the 2D game image appeared from the drawable file. I saw the background image in the simulator. My confidence level exploded. I knew I could finish this project. I connected an android device the image was great. Next I had to program the game logic.

I had to keep learning and pushing forward. November 12th 2016 @ 7:00am the Mobile game came to life. This coding project pushed my imagination beyond the limit. Once I played the game on my Android device the feeling of deep relaxation took over my mind. My concentration ability tripled.

 This game is a product of self-determination, and the will to succeed. I feel like a computer scientist.   THE GHOST GAME
Try it out!

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