Friday, November 20, 2015


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I spent some quality time with Chris Anderson this weekend.The TED Talk was titled “ How Web Videos in powers Global innovation”. The talk proved that the need to express ideas and converse over thousands of miles is a necessary activity in our current society. The technology is available and included with smartphones, iPad, lap top computers and desktop systems; I am talking about web video recording.

Entertainment is at our fingertips we can reach out to the World and express our selves. It does not take much effort to share a personal video with the online community. Music, dance, art, science, stories or just a conversation about a new idea is just great to share with an audience that is growing daily by the thousands. 

Chris Anderson discusses how the smallest events in a person’s life can uplift a whole community with just a short video. It is as if we are all teachers of the World using video as the classroom. Innovation is moving the world to interact together with video. It brings tears to my eyes to watch people expressing themselves from remote parts of our World where life is quite different from where I reside. It is extremely important to pay close attention to the video revolution.

I was so inspired by Chris Anderson that I watched a TED Talk with Bobby McFerrin. I have to admit that I have to step up my game plan and get with this global video entertainment revolution before I get left out of the loop. The video platform is a gateway to growing an audience in entertainment. Giving a video to the global community is free. It took a TED Talk to get my attention. I cannot over look the possibilities that are being presented at this very moment in my mind. Online web video entertainment is here to stay. Publishing media with todays technology.

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