Thursday, November 19, 2015


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This is a brief discussion based around creativity and technology. I have been paying attention to a thought pointing to where my creative laziness came from? It appears that my creativity is tied to my understanding the applications of technology applied to entertainment media. I have come to the conclusion that the current technology used in entertainment media including all areas of production must be mastered in order for better expression of my ideas.

I do not want to look at technology and then get creatively lazy. Today the tools which assist with the expression of creativity are technologically advanced. Technology is a barrier that must be overcome for the preservation of the creative spark. Being an Artist I have a powerful need to express my creativity. So, what is my story? I am on a quest; I call it the development of an audio engineer in the age of digital audio technology. The digital recording studio must be mastered.

Survival in the entertainment industry is a process of technological evolution. For example: the development of technology has pushed mankind forward in life. In the early days of local society the person who could fashion a tool for hunting could eat a meal. The person who could build a fire could stay warm and cook.  The person who could create a tool to chop trees and turn the soil could now have shelter, plant seeds and feed many people. The person who could turn raw hide into coverings could wear cloths. The technology for survival had to be learned over time.                                                                             
Today the same rules apply; technology is a force for growth. Applied to entertainment, technology is the partner of creativity. I am a musician who needed to master all of the tools associated with the production of music, video as well as marketing. There is no time to waste when the tools are in your hands, the work must get done. The technological skill level of the audio engineer is profound. I am learning more every day. As a consequence of burning midnight oil, my creative laziness has faded away. Technology is a great creative partner. Midi, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Syncing time code, Editing, Animating, Arranging, and Acoustics are some of the skills that are technology based which help to evolve creativity. 

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