Friday, November 20, 2015


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While contemplating the future of entertainment I discovered that the local Indy Film producers needs to network with the local Indy Music producers in order to stream line the licensing process. This can be done with the assistance of a local publisher who understands intellectual property . This can also be achieved by networking with an open mind, and understanding that working together as a team will help to achieve the creative goals of both artistic innovators. So,what is the publishers Job?

The publisher’s job is to over see the smooth transition of licensing rights between the film company and the music producer.The publisher must clear the music rights before the composition is excepted for logging. This means that the person who created the music/lyrics, will receive proper credit for the title if it is used in the film.

It is also the publisher’s job to explain the licensing process to all parties involved with the project. Of course this process can get tangled with information that is quit boring to the novice. However, the rules must be followed in order to keep infringement under control.

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