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            An Article posted in Billboard by Glenn Peoples  on December 24 2013, with the purpose to inform the Entertainment Investment Community of the possibility of the music streaming service provider Pandora to open 2014, ahead of the competition. It has been reported that Pandora's shares have risen to close 2013 up 215%. Glenn pointed out that Needham believes that Pandora will continue to grow in 2014.

            The report by Glenn Peoples is describing Pandora as a growth company whose value will continue to move upward in the coming months and is worth watching in 2014. 60% of Pandora’s revenue came from the mobile devices market in 2013. It is believed that Pandora’s competitors are not in position to affect Pandora’s growth in its current market position.

It is a fact that Pandora has suffered from law suits and criticism against unprofitably however, the company has managed to maintain its customer user base in the streaming market. With Apple’s launch of iTunes Radio and expansion into the European countries Pandora’s active user base took a short hit, later returning to keep Pandora moving forward.

It appears that advertiser are looking closely at Pandora to see how many advertisements its listeners will potentially see and hear in the coming year. It just might be that Pandora has just opened another box of surprises for bullish investors. No one wants to be left behind when it comes to making money fast and long.

Pandora maybe a critic’s choice for negative press but the market position where Pandora sits is a potential investment option. The possibility that Pandora is on an upswing cannot be over looked. With close analysis the skeptic will bet on Pandora in a Bear Market. Pandora is raising up from the fire of criticism and clearing a path for the serious investor. 

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